How Do I Add/ Update a Payment Method

Add a Payment Method
During your trial, you will see a banner informing you of how many days remain on your trial subscription. You can click 'Subscribe now' at any time to add your payment details, this will not reduce the length of your trial period.

Once you have added a valid card, you will no longer see the banner. Payment will be debited at the end of your 30-day trial.


If your trial lapses and you would still like to sign-up for a paid subscription, you can log in and click on the re-activation banner. This will take you to payment details where you can add your credit card details.



Update a Payment Method

To update your existing payment method, visit your 'Profile' and select 'Manage 'Coffee Club' Facilitators'.



Click on 'Payment Methods' and select 'Add New' to enter your new card details. Once added, click 'Add' and choose whether you would like the new card to be used as the 'Primary' (charged for automated payments) or 'Back Up' (charged when the primary card fails) payment method. Finally, confirm your information by selecting 'Update'.


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